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FedEx and USPS: The forces of stupidity unite!

I placed an order with Amazon about a week ago, and have been tracking it each day. Yesterday, tracking showed FedEx delivered it to my PO, so I copied down the USPS tracking number and started watching that. All day yesterday there were no updates, and it didn't deliver, so I checked the FedEx number again. It was put back on the FedEx truck, brought to another sorting center, then last night delivered to another PO about an hour from here. I figured it would probably get sorted out overnight so I checked again this morning, and the wrong PO has the package out for delivery in their city!

I didn't get a chance to call before anyone closed yesterday, so I had to call today anyway, but now I'm just so upset. I called USPS, and they just gave me a number to the wrong PO, and the number doesn't work

What am I to do?
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