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Re: S/O silverware and the finger eater

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
Maybe. DD is 5 and she eats with her fingers. She starting eating with silverware pretty early and knows how, she just likes to eat with her fingers. Now she only does it at home, if we are at a restaurant she will eat with silverware. We do remind her about once a meal that she should be eating with silverware- mainly when she does something really funky like pick up a scoop of mashed potatoes with her fingers. Other wise since she only does it at home we don't make too big of a deal. On the opposite side ds refuses to use his fingers to eat anything- he won't even eat finger foods with his fingers which is almost just as messy as using fingers for non finger foods.
My 5 and 6yo will eat corn with their fingers at home. LOL
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