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Re: Daycare positives

I think a lot of moms may have this opinion because there are a good many chain style daycares that underpay their workers, who may have very little education and very little training. Everyone knows there are advantages and disadvantages to both keeping your kids at home and sending them to least, that's my experience.

I love the daycare my child attends. he's been there 2 1/2 years and they (and his classmates) are like family. They are part of our university's early learning program, so the staff is amazing and highly educated, and there is a VERY low turnover rate. The children view the staff as family. The children in his class have been with him since he was 3 months old. They are his siblings, essentially. He communicates amazingly well with both kids and adults, and he has learned SO much from the staff and kids at the center. Plus, he gets a lot more different types of activities there than he would at home, because they have more access to different types of materials than I would.

He does play very well with others, and he does share well. However, I know many many children of SAHMs that play well with others, communicate extremely well, and share well.

It's important that we each do what is best for our families, whether that is staying at home or sending our kids to daycare. Be careful not to fall in the trap of judging the kids of SAHM by suggesting their kids are less well adjusted because of lack of socialization--that's the same type of judgement you are accusing them of.
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