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$12 and under 4.0s in great shape

All sold except 1 Zinnia snap! Take it please!

This is all of our BG 4.0s - we aren't CDing anymore since I was given a huge supply of LUVS (don't kill me.) I bought these around the end of the big B5G1 sales, and used them about 2 months, then put them away.

These are $12ppd for 1, but I would REALLY like to sell in lots. $20ppd for two, $40ppd for 5. Those prices are to mail light without inserts; if you want a BG OS insert or prefold, tell me and I can do that for $1 more per diaper. Make an offer for sure, I'm also about to post some AIOs and can combine.

Aplix, clockwise from top left, Sassy, Mirror, Dazzle, Clementine, Grasshopper, Sweet, Blossom, Moonbeam.

Moonbeam inner a little dingy, has never been bleached. I don't believe there are other stains, if there are they are super faint.

Example pic of aplix. It is the usual condition, looks a little sloppier than new but holds very strong, landing strips look great.

Snaps: Bubble, Moonbeam, Jet Setter, (these three PENDING) Zinnia

Inners, slight dinge, probably brighten right up w/bleach or Oxy.

Me, a WOHM, DH Dave, DD Ruby

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