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Re: Daycare positives

Originally Posted by Alaga View Post
From a burnt-out SAHM, I'd love some good daycare up in here!!

You can maybe go shopping or get a haircut at lunch! You can talk to adults! You can go out to lunch at a fun, non-kid friendly restaurant! You can go "potty" by yourself! Your kiddo may potty train/learn more easily b/c they see other kiddos do it!!

I'm only slightly kidding, ha ha. No matter how much they judge, there are days that they are jealous. Trust me.

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I am a little jealous today!

Our local daycare is fantastic, the lady in the infant room has worked there for 15 years, and they have several others that have been there over or around 10 years. They have a very low turnover rate. I would have no problem sending my kids there if I were to go back to work.
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