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Re: Mommy Mistake - How To Fix? Took Away 5yo's Birthday Party

What makes you say she's capable of picking out her own clothes and dressing herself?

She's been picking her own clothes and dressing herself since she was 2. She is capable. She knows what matches, she has all the same socks and underwear, and we often do pick out clothes together the night before. And sometimes we do in the morning, too.

I get up at 5:30 and that is plenty of time, even including a minor meltdown, to get myself and 3 kids dressed and ready to go by 7:20. At some point, the time to leave arrives and if she feels like pitching a fit, it doesn't matter if we get up at 5:30 or 4:30 or any other time, she's going to use that entire time to pitch her fit.
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