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Re: Preschoolers and healthy diet

At that age, if she turns down dinner and expects you to make something else, I'd say (nicely and upbeat) "Okay, you don't have to eat that. You can get down from the table, but we're not going to have any other snacks." When she comes back hungry later say, "sure, your dinner is still here on the table. Do you want me to reheat it?"

If I had a dollar for every time by 3 year old refused to eat something only to say "I actually do like this" after finally trying it, I'd be rich.

Also, we talk a lot about the nutritional value of things. For example, "these carrots have so much vitamin A. It's so good for your body!" Etc, etc. My kids are always asking if stuff is healthy or just a "sometimes treat." Sure, they love their sugar and junk food, but they do get excited thinking about how healthy their food is.

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