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Re: Kids at u/s

Originally Posted by essential1892 View Post
I can't even imagine not being reassured at the beginning of the ultrasound that the baby had a heartbeat- especially if you have had previous losses.

It's okay though because my next pregnancy when I took my kids to the u/s my son knocked the same tech's water over by accident and it got all over her cell phone
I love that your DS happened to do that!

Originally Posted by 7 for now View Post
Wow that is horrible! I have been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now for ruptured membranes. We do twice weekly u/s BPP's and they are wonderful. I go to the radiology dept for them. They show us everything, explain it all to us. The tech scans us first then the perinatologist comes in and scans again. Both are wonderful and explain and show us everything. Nothing is hidden at all. Dh goes down with me everyone and nothing is said about it.
Yeah. I seriously HATE the u/s dept at the hospital. Which is really strange, because I have had great experiences everywhere else in the hospital I've dealt with over the years - lab, emerg, peds, mat. Just u/s is so cold and rude.

And that's the thing - maybe under normal circumstances their rules would be fine, but I need someone who understands that this ISN'T normal circumstances. I NEED to see this baby, just for a few minutes. Then they can do whatever they need to.
With Elli's first u/s, I laid there for over 1.5 hours. Then walked out having seen her face and heart beat - I realize now why the tech only showed me for a few seconds, never lingering anywhere - wouldn't want me to actually see that Elli wasn't moving. Better to leave me with "Oh, what a busy little bee!" and a smile

Seriously. Anxiety. HUGE.
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