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Would you put him in PreK?

My son will be turning 3 in a couple weeks. We had a meeting with his IEP team this morning, and while he doesn't qualify for special needs specifically, they would like to put him in a PreK class because his socialization skills with other kids are very lacking and because they want to have a chance to monitor him in a school environment in case they see things they need to intervene with (they only evaluated him for less than an hour one time but there are other behaviors they want to look at still). The PreK class is for kids 3-5yo and it is at our local public school.

The only class they have available is the same class my 4.5yo DD is already in. On the one hand, that would make it SO easy for me to drop them both off at the same time, and be able to pick them up at the same time, and not have to worry about childcare and opposite schedules (especially because the PreK is a free program, so it would save us $$ on a sitter). Also, maybe it will help DS to have his sister in the classroom to "show him the ropes" and make him feel a little less scared? On the other hand, I'm worried that having DS in DD's class will be distracting, for both of them, and DS might not get the socialization he needs because he will be glued to his sister...and DD might not like that. She has been in this class for a couple months and is a social butterfly, and I don't want her to feel like she is responsible for him...if that makes sense?

DS also takes afternoon naps (from like 1-3pm) and this class would be from 12:15-3pm - not sure how that will work, if at all. I might end up with a tiny demon child come dinner time, or I will have to reconfigure a time for him to get his sleep on. Also, DS is fairly well potty trained, but still has an accident or two...the school said they are ok with occasional accidents but the kids really need to be 100% potty trained to attend. He will also be the smallest/youngest kid there, and he has some medical/behavioral delays with eating so he wouldn't be able to participate in snack time.

DS never wants to sit down, is very impulsive, and has trouble focusing and I'm wondering if a more formal school setting may help him work on those skills too, or if it's just that he's too young and he needs time to mature? I really love DD's PreK teachers, and they do a lot of fun projects and she really seems to be thriving (she came home today and counted to 10 in Spanish!), so part of me really wants that for DS too.

So, taking all of that into account, would you send DS to PreK? Would you have any hesitations about putting siblings in the same class? Or would you wait until he was a little bit older and more mature?

ETA: I should have said, they rated him as "Above Average" cognitively, his language and comprehension is pretty advanced for his age and he already knows his shapes/letters/numbers the school thing would strictly be for socialization and behavior and not because I feel like he will be behind academically.
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