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Re: Ideas for telling DH!

OP, you have no willpower at all.

With DD, we found out on April Fool's Day, lol. His parents were visiting that weekend, so I had to wait until we were alone, and I whispered to him that I think I'm pregnant, and it's not an April Fool's Joke, and that I took a test. He smiled and asked if I could take another one, lol.

With DS1, I took a picture of the test and put it as the background on the computer.

With ^i^ DS2, I updated a big collage picture frame we have with new pics of the kids, and I put a pic of a positive test in there, too. When he saw my finished project, I told him that "as long as I was going to take the time to update the collage, I might as well put all three of our kids in there." There's a LOT more to the story but this is, by far, the "telling plan" that required the most waiting and the most planning, lol. And he didn't get it at first, lol. It was classic.

With this baby, I found out on a Saturday (with a super squinter), and then on Sunday, I told DH that it was time to test (we were TTCing) and I left him with my "sample" and a test in the bathroom and told him to take the test, lol. It was another super squinter but DH said it was negative. I had him bring me the test so I could look at it, too, and sure enough, there was a teeny tiny second line. I asked him what THAT was, indicating the second line, and he said that he saw that but didn't think it was anything. That "not anything" is stretching out my tummy now.
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