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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

As for weather or not it is appropriate to call a teacher at home. I still do not see any reason this would be necessary. In the instance of death in the family I guess calling the kid's teachers ranks somewhere on the same level as calling the grocery clerk at the store I regularly shop at. They know me and my kids as we are in often. Probably better than I know my kids teachers as the teachers are here this year and off to another next year. Likely because I have gotten to know them after 4 years shopping there I would mention something next time I see them. I would not however give even a passing thought to calling them.

A teacher teaches that is it. They don't do anything else. They are not healthcare professionals, either mental or physical. They are not counselors. When you consider how many students are in a class they only spend on average 18 minutes a day on each child individually assuming a class size of 20. I do not understand what a teacher would be expected to do for a child even if the child's entire family minus the phone calling mama were to die.
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