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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

I have donated to a lot of babies, through various routes. I've used Eats on Feets to connect with other families, and I also have donated to a friend of a friend.

No matter who you give the milk to, you have no control over how they use it. If you meet up with or get in contact with someone that you feel good about donating to, then you just have to take the leap of faith and send your milk off into the world. More often than not, people looking for breastmilk are just moms or dads who need to feed their babies. The bad experiences are the exception. I've never had a negative experience with milk donation.

If I were you, I would donate half or so of what you have. You can keep milk in a deep freeze for 6 to 12 months, so planning on feeding your baby what you have frozen now in a year is about on the outer limit of good milk storage.
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