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Re: I realize not all of us cloth diaper purely for economical reasons, but I found t

Originally Posted by lalaith View Post
We used sposies part time and still easily spend $50 a month on them. People always say they can get sposies for $25 a month, and I have no idea how they do it!!!

We'll do cloth from the beginning next time, too, as I easily spent $400 on sposies in the first couple of months, and that's plenty for a nb diaper rental...

That being said, water is crazy expensive here (electricity not so much), so I use flats and do a hot rinse, hot wash. I managed to cut off the final rinse, and I'm thinking of trying to cut off the first one as well, and just do a hot wash.
I'm with you on this one. We spent $50 bucks a month on diapers with our first child but hey she has been out of diapers for the last 11 years. When I check out the cost of the diapers and wipes I would be getting if we used sposies at only 8 changes a day we would be spending at least $85 a month on diapers. That is assuming only 8 changes. Despite our son being 17 months old we have been known to go through up to 12 diapers a day. Another $15 a month would go for wipes. Although I can clean a poopy bottom with only one cloth wipe it used to takef about 2-4 sposie wipes. When I tried the cheaper wipes I couldn't get the poop of in under 6 wipes. Sometimes I just gave up getting off sticky poop with those wipes and stuck my kiddo into the tub.

So even assuming my total washing estimate is really $25 this is $75 less than I estimate our sposies would cost us. Then since I do not need to go to Wal-mart monthly I would have to add in a twice monty trip just to get diapers. For us this would be an additional $4 for each trip upping our sposie costs to $108. per month.
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