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Re: Ramblings of a pregnant woman

Originally Posted by Mummandherboys View Post
Oh Mama...I am so sorry it's been so rough for you I understand to a degree... but not to your extent...I hope that you will be able to keep yourself physically and emotionally well for the rest of the pregnancy. Just in the last week or so, I have turned a corner and am feeling really "off". I don't have enough energy...and since my varicose veins are worse yet this time around, I am thinking it's a big circulation issue I am really crabby and irritable and to make things worse, my third son has just been so awful lately...(terrible 3's!!) he refuses to use the potty often and I am so tired of cleaning up his messes...both potty messes and him getting into my makeup/jewelry...tissues down the bathroom sink at 4am, clogging the sink and flooding the bathroom and the carpet that is in there! Seriously I am just weary...but I know it's also just getting harder on my body now. I am trying to stay well physically and emotionally for this little one...but so wish my parents were close by and could help me at this stage! Thanks for letting me vent a bit too... for the most part I am hanging in there...but I am struggling more now than before for sure.
Oh yuck! I can't imagine having to deal with a ramunctious toddler and be tired from pregnancy.

I am trying to stay well. I am eating well, drinking a LOT of water, going to bed early, taking naps when I have to, make the kids or DH do things for me and let everything wait if it is not important. Thank goodness next week the kids have off for Thanksgiving; I get to sleep!
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