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Originally Posted by MIpiccolo44
I second sending in DH (maybe with some water) - you smell like milk, so even if she's not actually hungry, she wants it. With him, she knows he doesn't have any milk, but he can still cuddle her and stuff. That's how we night weened DS - DH did all the night wakenings for 3-4 days, and after that he slowly stopped waking up.
Good luck!
Good point.

I'm not sure how to multi quote, but here's what we did last night:

Feed 630/bed feed 1030 (woke up on her own) feed 430, then woke up at 830, and wouldn't really nurse. She is really busy now that she can walk well. I'm trying to nurse as much during the day, but I'm not sure I'm making enough, it takes a long time for milk to let down. I might be pmsing. Not sure what our next action plan will be. I think we are going to try an earlier bedtime. She is barely napping now that she's walking and I think she could be overtired.

Thanks for all of your help and thoughts. What do babies do who are weaned off formula and BM? How long can they go without eating?
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