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Re: What's on youe HS wish list?

Hello there SamanthaSews!

I am going to say you don't need so much stuff to homeschool.

Art and craft supplies are awesome. We love getting those on sale right before brick and mortar schools start up.

I think it would be nice to have another computer or an Ipad but this is because we are a family of 6 sharing one computer.

We don't use planners or organizers. A calendar is very helpful to us to have to look @ to see what we have going on.

Really on my homeschooling wish list would be things that you can't buy. They would include more patience to be in the moment w/ my DDs when they are describing something, to read and play w/ them more. I would like to be able to buy a can of focus on doing more w/ my girls (not talking about cooking or cleaning). If you find it let me know : )
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