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Dear DH... pick less expensive things to bribe with!


When our son PT'd, he was 2.5 and DH used Thomas the Trains to get him to poop on the potty. OUCH.

Our daughter PT'd at 18 months without needing any bribes at all!

Until we moved cross-country. I should have known the regression was coming, it should have been obvious. PT'ing less than 2 months before a huge move? BIG sign. But noooo, I thought it would be ok. After all, she managed to go the ENTIRE road trip (6 days!) without any accidents in the car!

When we arrived, however, totally different story. It took about a month or so to get her back on the peeing train, but she's got it. And then DH started the bribing. "Baby, if you poop on the potty I'll buy you a Lalaloopsy doll!"

Guess who came to me yelling "I gotta poop!" and made it to the bathroom? You guessed it.

So now we get to spend what, $25+ on a doll? This is worse than the Thomas Trains, we were able to scam our son into cheaper ones!

I guess I should be glad it WORKED. We definitely won't be buying MORE dolls for every poop, but GAH! 1-2 is expensive enough!
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