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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

Originally Posted by HookedByCarolyn View Post
Holy crap! I cannot stop eating today! I need a muzzle! I've had 3 clementines, 4 mini Snickers, some chips, and a pack of crackers all since lunch!

On the knitting side, I've got 5 inches till I'm done with the winter romper I've been working on. I'm also almost done with a pair of natural newborn longies.

As for cleaning, I still need to vacuum upstairs, but Alaina is napping up there right now. I also need to sweep downstairs, but I'll wait till closer to bedtime, if not you won't be able to tell I even did it by morning. Lol

I decided against early library, the kids are just too ornery. I don't want them loose in the library like this. It's their late night, they're open till 8, so we'll have an early dinner and then walk down. Going to try to get them napping so I can accomplish something :fx:
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