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Cloth diapering a newborn for the first time!

Okay so we have been cloth diapering since our youngest was about 4/5 months. My oldest is 3 and potty trained, and my younger is 19 months. We are due with number 3 in February.

So far I have 3 small gDiapers, and a Nb bumgenius aio. I don't have any cloth inserts for the gdiapers yet though. But that's it...and I'm due in 10 weeks pretty much( they said to be ready by January since I'm thinning) yea...we have a lot of normal one size diapers, covers, prefolds ect, but those won't fit till like 4/5months. So what do you ladies suggest? I'm trying to figure out this applying on here so I can search the foot. HDTV has me on a mini budget since we already have so many and won't use these long lol...

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