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Re: possible herpes on a 2 y/o

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
Eh, I think this is more propaganda than anything. MDs are constantly trying t spread misinformation on natural medicines and homeopathics to have more money in THEIR hands. I'd like to see an actual study proving the associates risks if used in moderation. Just about everything has a risk I suppose, but I doubt its the norm if used correctly. Blue-grayish tones in the eyes or skin is from extreme overuse of collodial silver. There was (I believe) only a few documented cases of that, and 1 was a man that bathed in it and drank it and applied it to his skin every single day for several years.

ETA: I think it's unfair to say it doesn't work, either. I've used it MANY times and it's never failed me or my family members. Definitely no placebo.
I always find it interesting that people are so quick to bash something that may have a side effect, if taken in extremely large doses. Has anyone ever listened to the commercials or read the long lists of side effects to common prescription drugs or for that matter over the counter "safe" drugs...I'll bet is its MUCH longer and larger than the possible side effects of colloidal silver!!
The other thing I find extremely interesting is people are quick to say it doesn't work and the studies do not prove that it does....Well, The big Pharma companies are only going to fund the studies of items they can patent and make Billions off who is going to be able to patent Silver? might explain why there are not many "Big" studies done. This Dr that is working for the Mayo many prescriptions do you think he writes in a month? Do you think he gets kick backs or special "gifts" from the big pharmaceutical companies? I would venture to guess if he recommend the use of colloidal silver he may just be out of some very big bucks.

There is a reason that Silver has been used for worked...the only reason it is not mainstream now and considered an "Alternative" treatment is because of the introduction of Antibiotics in the 1940's now we all know what the over use of antibiotics has done to us...I admit they have their place, but whenever we find something newer and better and makes someone billions we jump on sposies...doesn't always mean the newer is better in the long run.

IT is also good to do your research and not take the word of one Dr or the word of a select few. I myself was on IV antibiotics, and then oral antibiotics for 8 weeks because of a cellulitis of the breast nothing took it away and finally I resorted to "alternative" measures what antibiotics and prescription drugs could not do, Colloidal silver did and in only a few days!!

IT has completely helped with my children's Pertusis, as well as Pneumonia and the horrible cold sores they get, myself too. It is definitely worth a look and a try.

OP,I really hope your son is feeling better soon, and Big hugs to you as it must be hard to see him in such pain!
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