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Re: What will you diaper your newborn in?

I didn't CD my daughter until she was 2.5 months and by then OS fit her great. We are CDing #2 from the beginning but from what I hear OS diapers start fitting *well* around 10lbs even though they are rated to go as low as 8lbs. I think it really depends on your baby. My friends baby has skinny legs but is only like 9 lbs so they struggle with a good leg fit in a OS. But on that same hand most newborn diapers only fit until about 12 lbs. So I think you have to just take into account how big your babies usually are and how fast they grow. If you have bigger babies or 8lb babies I would say don't do newborns just do OS diapers. Our daughter was only 6lbs so we have been stocking up on newborn CD's (that and we want at least 2 more kids so we will get lots of use!). Either way you can't go wrong! CD's are so much fun!
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