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I'm very open to trades, so try me on my ISO wishlist, as well as anything else -- I might want something I didn't think of!

I'm letting go of things I don't use. It's pretty stuff, but I just don't wear makeup often. Most everything is in pristine condition. Non-smoking, kitty-friendly home, but kitties don't get into my beauty products.

Lots of FFS and free with purchase! If you feel a price isn't fair please don't be afraid to make me an offer -- all prices are open to better offers (OBO)! I just need to get rid of this stuff -- some is discontinued.

Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted. Please PM me with your zip code and I'll let you know shipping costs.

I also have gender neutral clothing. Thanks for looking!

~*~Makeup Brushes~*~: All brushes for $20?

Essence of Beauty:
  • Contour Powder -- $4
  • Fine Concealer -- $1.50
  • Concealer -- $1.50
  • Smudge (2) -- $1.50 each
  • Crease -- $1.50
  • Short Blusher -- $3
  • Blush -- $3

  • Bamboo Angled Eyeliner -- $2
  • Bamboo Foundation -- $4

  • Fan brush -- $1

~*~Face & Eyes~*~:

Bonne Bell:
Sweet Sugared Powder for Face & Body (Discontinued) -- $1.25 each:
-- Spun Sugar (New)
-- Latte Fun (New)

Smackers Sugar'd Shimmer (Discontinued) -- $0.50 each or free with other purchase:
-- Rock Candy (Tested 1x)
-- Strawberry (Tested 1x)

Clinique Mini Blushing Blush Powder Blush - Iced Lotus (gently tested 1x) ( link until I can take my photo)

Everyday Minerals (These are all in the brown packaging, so a few years old, but mineral makeup has a long shelf life.) I would love to package these all together as a sample package for someone who wants to try MMU, but will break up and send separately. Maybe $30 for the whole set? (4 large, 4 mini, 10 sample = 18 total!)

Mini Sizes (4g) -- $3 each gently used/$4 each new:
-- 10 Items or Less Eyeshadow (New)
-- Nick Nack Blush (Tested 1x)

Sample Sizes -- $1 each or free with other purchase:
-- Apple Blush (Tested 1x)
-- Cookie Sheet Blush (Tested 1x)

Various Mineral Makeup:
-- MAD Minerals Stone Washed Eyeshadow Sample ( color sample here) (FFS)
-- MAD Minerals Loose Mineral SPF Sunscreen Powder (will add more info!)

Milani blush (Discontinued) -- $6 each

Tempation (Top, New, seal was partly pealed back but not removed)
Tempation (Top, Tested 1x)

Maybelline Roller Color Loose Eyeshadow Powder (Discontinued) -- Dark Blue -- FFS (on top)
Naturistics Powder FX Loose Shimmer Powder in Fairy FX (Discontinued) -- New, no package -- FFS (in middle)
Physician's Formula Virtual Eyes Powder in Up In the Clouds (Discontinued) (tested 2x) -- $1 or free with other purchase (on bottom)

Neutrogena Skin Soothing Eye Tints in Petal Shimmer -- (Discontinued) (New, sealed) -- FFS

Revlon Limited Edition Feelin' Flirty Blush in Pink Flush (Discontinued, on left) (tested 1x) -- $2

Revlon Mini Lash & Brow Set lash curler & lash/brow definer (New) -- $1 or free with other purchase

Rimmel Trio Eyeshadow in Spices (2 colors tested 1x) -- $1 or free with other purchase

Skinmarket Eyeshadow in Calypso (Discontinued) (tested 1x) -- $1 or free with other purchase

Smashbox eyeshadow single in Smashing Deadline, Brand new but the rubber container is sticky for some reason, though I've tried to clean it off. Might need to be depotted.

Here's a link until I can take a pic:

Wet n Wild Bronzer in Acapulco Glow (New, discontinued) -- $2

~*~Lip Products~*~:

Bonne Bell f'Lip Style (Discontinued) (All are sealed) -- $1.50 each:
-- Kiwi to Your Heart
-- Donut You Love It

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Warm Apple Cider (New, Sealed, Discontinued) -- $7.50

mark by Avon Tea Pots Fresh Steeped Gloss (Discontinued) (All are Brand New) -- $5 each:

Fruited Green Tea
Iced Tea with Lemon
Passion Mango Tea (have 2 of these)
Red Zing and Honey
Vanilla Chai Tea

Naturistics Miss Kiss Pot Lip Gloss in Clear Kiwi (Discontinued) (New, sealed) -- $0.50 or free with other purchase

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Puddin' Pie (New, not sealed) -- $2


Bonne Bell Bottled Emotion Shimmer Powder in Romantic (Discontinued) (tested 1x, bottle was not full to begin with) -- $1.50 or free with other purchase

Nicole by OPI nail polish in Honeydew You Love Me? (New) -- $12 w/ shipping


Bath & Body Works Hello Sugar (Discontinued) -- I have 2 Brand New bottles of this that I'll never use. -- $20 each OBO

Because I'm The Princess Roll-on Royalty 1/3 oz. -- $2 each or free with other purchase

-- Cosset (Vanilla Bean Noel "BBW Type" blend swirled with pure Strawberry for the ultimate blessing of a fragrance, with a fresh twinkling of cakey base notes (no almond in these cakey notes))

-- Orange Chiffon Hot Cocoa (mouthwatering creamy orange cake swirled in with a delicate perfect balance of rich, hot cocoa topped of with a dollup of marshmallow)

Bodycology spray in Vanilla Buttercream, 8 oz. -- $2

Bodycology lotion in Vanilla Buttercream, 8 oz. -- FFS

Bodycology spray in Pomegranate, 2 oz. (below, on right) -- $0.75

mark Self Sanctuary White Tea-Vanilla Dry Oil Mist (Discontinued) -- $2

Parfums de Coeur minis -- $1 each or free with other purchase:
Cotton Candy Fantasy (on left, tested a few times, bottle wasn't full to top to begin with)
Vanilla Fantasy (middle, tested a few times, bottle wasn't full to top to begin with)

Valerie's Uncommon Scents 1/6 oz. Roll-on Perfume Oil in Cotton Candy Twist (FFS)


Makeup bag -- $2

Clinique green makeup bag -- $2

Also, a bunch of NEW baby products pictured here:

Johnson's Head to Toe Wash, 9 oz.
Johnson's Baby Shampoo, 7 oz.
Parent's Choice Baby Bath for Nighttime, 28 oz
Johnson's Baby Lotion, 9 oz. (2)
Johnson's Take Along Pack
Small Johnson's Head to Toe Wash, 3 oz.
Desitin Rapid Relief



TRADED -- Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Poppy (Limited edition version with several colors! Tested 1x) -- $15

TRADED -- L'Oreal Blush Delice Sheer Powder Blush (Discontinued) -- $3 each
  • Sugar Plum (no brush, tested gently)
  • Ginger Snap (never used, but there's a small nick in the blush)
  • Strawberry Tart (brush is unwrapped, blush may have been tested 1x)

TRADED -- L'Oreal Turntable Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Twist n Shout (Discontinued, 2 colors tested 1x) -- $7
Until I can take a pic, here's a link with what it looks like:

TRADED -- MAC eyeshadow pots (Gently tested a few times) -- $6 each
  • Naked Lunch (on top)
  • Phloof! (pan potted into a Juxt pot) (on bottom)

TRADED -- MAC Silver Dusk Iridescent Loose Powder (Tested a few times, still looks full) This stuff is gorgeous, but I just don't use it.
Until I can take a picture, here's a link to what it looks like:

TRADED -- Milani blush (Discontinued) -- $6 each
  • Luminous (Bottom left, Tested 1x, discontinued)
  • Pink Craze (Bottom right, New, sealed)

TRADED -- Milani Eyeshadow Quads (Discontinued) -- $3 each:
TRADED -- Milani Single Eyeshadow in Java Bean (tested 1x) -- $1 or free with other purchase

TRADED -- Revlon Limited Edition Lovestruck Blush (Discontinued, on right) (tested 1x) -- $3

TRADED -- Bare Minerals Sample, includes foundation sample in Fairly Light, small brush, and primer sample -- $1 or free with other purchase

TRADED -- Aquolina Pink Sugar Sample Vials (2, still in packaging) -- $1 for both or free with other purchase

TRADED -- Everyday Minerals
TRADED -- Full Sizes (8g) -- $5 each gently used/ $6 each new:
-- Best Friends Blush (New, seal was removed to see color, so retaped)
-- Sunkissed Fair in Intensive Foundation (New)
-- Multi-tasking in Matte Foundation (Tested 1x)
-- Sunscreen in Fair (finishing powder)

TRADED -- Mini Sizes (4g) -- $3 each gently used/$4 each new:
-- Start to Finish Finishing Powder in Fair (Tested 1x)
-- Natural Reflections Finishing Powder in Fair (Tested 1x)

TRADED -- Sample Sizes -- $1 each or free with other purchase:
-- Light Pink Blush (New)
-- Pearl Pick-Me-Up Concealor (New)
-- Fair Intensive Foundation (New)
-- Fair Matte Foundation (Tested 1x)
-- Fair Semi-Matte Foundation (Tested 1x)

TRADED -- Various Mineral Makeup:
-- Bare Minerals City Lights Eyeshadow Sample (FFS)
-- Matte Ivory Foundation Sample (not sure what brand) (FFS)
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