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Originally Posted by MrsStripe

Well, you know those are just a bunch of letters. I can't imagine having to keep track of all of that. I'll come poke the guy with some knitting needles if you want.
I knew he was a prick when he walked in and didn't even acknowledge my presence. He got right to condescending right away and I was like dude just stfu so I can get on with proving you wrong.

It makes me so angry cause they don't GET how LONG it takes me to get him to go to the drs because he knows this is what's going to happen and when it does, and it shouldn't, it makes it harder the next time!

We were not asking for anything other than what he qualifies for but this dr has a bs attitude that is as anti helping people as is possible to be and still be a dr!

Worse part? He doesn't even see active duty usually, he is in family practice! So he shouldn't even be like so jaded about active issues because most of them go to VA but we have insurance that covers him to go to the military treatment facility and we try to leave the VA open for guys who have no coverage except the VA. Appointments are hard enough to get over there without being bogged down with people who don't need to be seen there.

Now, Fi is on a mission. I will get this.
We are a Military family that lives without limits!
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