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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

Originally Posted by EskimoStitches View Post
Oh no. We went to the drs irl and the dr was an effing idiot and kept saying RBs issues were "just" Tbi and "just" PTSD. I didn't argue with him cause it was pointless but we left and went straight upstairs and got him a new provider. How the eff can you be a compliant provider (and be active duty military!) and not recognize the severity of dx commonly seen in the military? Esp since all the work was already done for him. But, he had "read your whole medical record and it took about 20 minutes." I already told you his medical files are like 5 inches thick. I KNOW what I am looking for and it would take me longer than 20 min to find!

We got him a new PCM.
LAME doctor. Glad you found a new one

Originally Posted by MrsStripe View Post
Our candy has been mostly ignored. The boys eat maybe 1 piece a day and DH doesn't eat any. No one has had the energy to go through it and get rid of what we wont' eat either. Most of it will get thrown away eventually.

Oh, and we have something eating one of our pumpkins that are still out. The hole keeps getting bigger and more stuff gets pulled out each day. I'm thinking squirrel.
Definitely squirrel, I have seen squirrels eating our pumpkin this past week. I also see rabbits going in when the squirrels are off duty, so if you are rabbits they may be plundering as well. Joint effort.

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
Ugh. I have been to a few of those, the know-it-all types that don't need to read or understand what patients tell them.

I went to one when Pi was still a new baby, to try to get on Imitrex and get a new Albuterol inhaler. I talked about my chronic migraines and she went off on me like some drug seeker giving me total attitude. She looked in my chart that they'd been giving me vicodin (post surgical and during pregnancy, since ALL migraine meds can cause birth defects, and ibuprofen can cause heart failure in the 3rd trimester). Without looking or listening further she decided I was a druggie. I got so mad I flat out yelled at her. I was like, that's what the doctors gave me to take and said was safe. I'm here for imitrex, if you don't want to help me get that, I'll leave. She kind of stuttered and said I had the "classic drug seeker history" and I said fine, and left. I found a great neuro after that, who was actually knowledgeable, and a PCP who had no problems writing me imitrex and albuterol when I needed them. Of course he had to move back to Arizona.
I am always so amazed when they decide on something and run with it, even if it makes little sense. I had re-occuring MRSA, and one doctor said "This is common in hospitals, jails, and gyms. Have you recently been in jail?" And I was so floored by that, because why would jail be at the top of the possible-where-I-have-been list over a gym or a hospital? Had to find a new doctor after that one, too, it was just so odd, he kept talking about jail.

My DH's birthday is in two weeks, I have no idea what to get him. He buys what he wants for himself. It's so frustrating. I usually buy him a really nice bottle of scotch because I know he likes that, but I don't think I can do that again, even I am tired of it. Any suggestions? He is a total enigma, he is a surfing, yoga doing and once instructing, software engineering, college football playing and now football loving weirdo
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