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Re: C-section ?s

This is really great info! Thank again mamas. I'm sure nothing will fully prepare me, but I'm feeling better. My greatest concern isn't necessarily the surgery itself, but the recovery with the kids. I do try to do too much typically, and don't "follow the rules. I know that I can't this time. I'm thinking I may have to rely more on my MIL after DH goes back to work than I would like to unfortunately. I just worry b/c it was after DD1 was born, that our relationship became somewhat strained. She's a super sweet person, just has different ideas. While she's very helpful, she sometimes does things "her way" even if I ask her not to. She babysits my girls while I sleep (I work nights), and that has worked out fairly well, but I think only b/c we're not actually together.
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