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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

aw thank you guys. Just made myself and the little man a big lunch of scrambled eggs, gravy and sausage as a b-day treat to me. The girls are doing so good with their production! My mom bought me some really cute boots to wear out to the coop for my b-day. They look like this, aren't they cute!

Daisy's hanging in there. I have been trying to gently tell dh that she is fading, all week. Last night the denial lifted and he saw what I was trying to say. He was so upset and it was so hard. They are like our first kids. We took them to high school football games, in our hoodie pockets. Took them on vacations, car rides, everywhere. Daisy is uncomfortable, enough that she doesn't really want to sit in his lap for very long anymore. She struggles to move around. I have gotten her to eat canned food, dinner last night and breakfast/lunch today. I decided a big spoonful 3x a day would be better for her. Getting her to drink is harder, hoping the wet food will help with that. She's not wheezing as bad today and her eyes are a bit brighter now that she's got some food in her. I know she must not have been eating as she was vomiting bile yesterday. Put some potty pads out so that she doesn't have to potty outside if she doesn't want to and we're just trying to make her comfortable. When she stops desiring food or seems to be in too much pain we'll take her to the vet. For now, we're just loving on her as much as we can and waiting. I hate the waiting.
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