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Re: FedEx and USPS: The forces of stupidity unite!

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
They've had that option, as well as UPS, for a while now. Most free shipping goes that route. Most orders I get that go from FedEx or UPS to PO take up to a week after they get to the PO to get to me. Obviously they can't deliver it in that city, so really all you can do is wait or call that PO and ask. If you know the PO name/number you can look up their phone number.

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Oh I know they transfer to USPS, I've been ordering online for many many years lol. I just think it's ridiculous that FedEx brought it to my city first, then took it back and dropped it off at another city where their PO is actually trying to deliver it. THAT makes no sense..
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