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UTI with no symptoms or just third-trimester pressure?

So a Facebook thread now has me all paranoid and I'm wondering if all the pressure that I've been feeling is a UTI and not just third-trimester baby discomfort. I have had a scant few UTIs in my life, and I've always had the "burning while urinating" symptom. I don't have that right now, but in the past couple of weeks, I sometimes have felt like I did not empty my bladder entirely, but if I continue to TRY to empty it, that the baby will fall out (I'm 34 weeks today). That feeling didn't happen every time I peed or even every day, but enough to be noticeable. Now, sometimes when I'm just walking around, I have to stop and let the little guy get his wiggles out because the wiggles hurt (not just in the bladder area, but that's where most of the pain happens when it does). The pain stops if he's not moving or if he shifts into a less painful position.

BUT... I had my regular OB appointment yesterday, where they of course did a urine dip. I noticed while gathering my sample that it seemed cloudier than usual, but I didn't think anything of it. That office has you take the sample into the exam room with you, and they dip a strip right there and leave it for the doctor to look at later. While I'm bored and waiting, I like to look at it myself, too, lol. The first square on the test was for leukocytes, and according to the bottle, a completely negative result would have been pale yellow, and various positive results would have been shades of purple from lavender to eggplant. My leukocytes square on the strip looked medium purple. Definitely not yellow. But neither the nurse nor the doctor said anything about it, apparently checking just for the protein and sugar?

And I didn't do a "clean catch" so there could have been some contamination from elsewhere, but I've peeked at my test strips a few times before and it's always been negative for everything.

I'm just confused.
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