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Re: Anyone had their tonsils removed?

It was 100 times worse than anyone told me it would be! It was horrible!!!!!! I did get an infection so that may have something to do with it, but I had a 103 degree fever for a week that no one could get down. I don't remember much from that first week. I had to have some one with me 24/7 and pack ice around my body every 30 min. both to keep the pain and the fever at bay. My mom, dad, and dh took shifts sitting with me round the clock. It was absolutely the worst experience of my life. And I've had 3 surgeries in 3 years. It took me a full year and a half to quit coughing up blood. I would NEVER do it again. But I will say that now that I"m two years out I am greatful it's done and over with because I was getting strep 5+ times a year before. Oh, and mine had been so swollen and oozing puss for over a month when they finally did it all I could eat was popscicles, BEFORE the surgery so it needed to happen as they couldn't get the infection under control. But they ended up being "embedded" into my throat and they said they really had to dig so that added to my rough recovery.
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