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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

Originally Posted by *KaiMom* View Post
When someone calls from an unblocked number it's almost automatic for someone to save the number for future use=permission to call them at that number. If the op has such a problem with parents calling then why give out the number; and yes when you call from an unblocked number you are handing out your number. That's probably why doctors don't call you from their home numbers.
Nope. That's incorrect and inappropriate. If I were your child's teacher and you did this to me, I would politely tell you that I'll speak to you tomorrow, and then I'd hang up on you and turn off the ringer/block your number. When I spoke to you the next day from school, I'd have the principal on the line with me. This is a level of presumption that will not endear you to your child's teachers. Do not do this.
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