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Re: PJ's and wool

We use longies made of upcycled sweaters. They are awesomely warm, then a warm shirt, and that's it.

You can make leg warmers super easy. It's a new sew project if you want it to be. Just go buy women's long knee socks, and cut off the foot part. They are "knit" so will not ravel or fray, they will curl a bit but that's about it. If you sew, or have a sewing machine. Then you can get fancy, and after you cut the foot off the sock, you can then just cut the toe part off the foot part, then fold the toe-less foot part in half, and attach the cut parts (the cut parts will be together at this point on one end, and the fold on the other end), and sew that to the cut part of the leg part of the sock, and you have "cuffs" on your leg warmers and it adds about 2 to 3 inches of length for super tall baby legs if needed. But, like I said even if you don't sew, you don't have to have the cuffs, and can just leave them curled at the bottoms and it's cheap and easy leg warmers, you can easily DIY!
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