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Originally Posted by somo_chickenlady
I double, triple, quadruple what the previous ladies said. It sucked. I would do it again in a heartbeat, though, b/c I was ALWAYS sick before I had them removed, and now I hardly ever get sick, and I feel so much better all the time b/c I also had pitted tonsils. The pain and suffering was worth it.
Looks like those of use with embedded or pitted were the ones who needed the surgery!?? I wonder if that the majority of adults needing it? Idk. But let's say, I lost 15 pounds, couldn't OPEN my mouth for a week and in order to eat had to suck on cheese. LOL! And my breath wasps horrible no one would stay in my room with me. Hahaha!! I couldn't do 'soft' food. Even that required swallowing. And after surgery even water felt like glass going down. But it's like my water birth. It was so painful- indescribable.. But worth it. And at least you get meds for tonsils, lol
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