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Re: Cytotec induction?

You have already gotten some great advice about Cytotec specifically and the same that I would have given (can't be stopped and I wouldn't consent to this method). I just want to point out to you that if your "postdates" testing is coming back as the baby being fine and your health is fine, you absolutely can refuse the induction completely. The average gestation of first time mothers is forty-one weeks, so you're not even there yet and will barely have passed it on induction date. It is still your body and your baby and you can opt to continue having non-stress tests and biophysical profiles done regularly until you go into labor. There are plenty of "natural induction" methods you can try as well, though none will work unless your baby and body are ready to go into labor anyway. There are pressure point massages, sex, walking, membrane sweep, black and blue cohoshes (should be done by medical provider only), etc.

I hope you have the birth experience that you want and are holding a healthy and happy baby boy very very soon!

PS: My babies were born at forty-two weeks plus three days and forty-three weeks plus three days respectively.
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