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Re: A note from your child's teacher...

I don't know about others but if a call comes up blocked, I don't answer it. So the teacher/dr/whoever would have to leave me a message and a number to return their call. So if you want to get ahold of me in a timely manner, don't block your number. I do save most numbers that come into my phone, but not for the purpose of calling that person back. I actually do it with teachers and others like that so their number registers on my phone if they call again. I screen pretty much every call that comes in so if I don't recognize the number I rarely answer. So if you call me, I program the number so I will answer next time you call.

I live in a small town so things might work a bit differently here. Every teacher dd has had has encouraged me to call anytime with whatever questions I have. I've had pretty much all their phone numbers. Dd's current teacher lives 2 blocks from us so we run into fairly often when we're out for walks. While I've never seen a reason to call a teacher - I prefer email - I would never have guessed so many teachers were adament that no one call them at home.
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