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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Happy birthday girl! I'm so sorry Daisy is slipping so close to your b-day. I had to put Kora down when I was preg w/ William. Had her 10 years. She looked just like Meg. I couldn't think of another dog for 3 yrs and Ray finally pushed me. I'm not close to Meg though. Kora was my forst child in many ways. It took 7 yrs to comcieve Cayden so she was our baby. I burried her with her yokiro-taco-bell toys. Putting her down was hard, the cancer had spread to everywhere and the euth didn't finalize for something like 5 full mins! he vet was so astonished as this doesn't just happen. They gave her tons of pain meds first, so I know it didn't hhurt her, just me. At least I was with her. That really mattered to me. She was only 6 lbs. We carried her EVERYWHERE.

We're here for you if you need us Liz. Your a good doggie Moma. I took can't stand to see any creature suffer.

I know those boots! Congrats. I was drooling over some just like that yesterday, lol. Glad the girls are produceing well.

I ended us giving the 2 doz eggs for free, lol. They brought us a little homemade beer. haha. Taste like German flavor. Great news though, her sister is dyeing for some! Soon too I think. They were all just amazed at the flavor and quality! They got a tour of the property and coop. So surprised at how happy and healthy. She said she's come straight to me when they are ready for chicks too! It's satisfying, like converting someone to cloth, lol.
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