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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
Oh, I haven't seen Orgasmic Birth. What is the main idea behind it? Of the other two, I like The Bisiness of Being Born the best.
I'm not entirely sure lol! apparently the idea that birth can be a pleasurable experience (nothing to do with an actual orgasm lol )... and how much better they feel after it. like I said not really sure but I will let you know if its good or not! it can be rented for a couple bucks on amazon instant video... turns out the xbox isnt going to work but while hubby was home for lunch I happened to mention that the laptop has an hdmi port and he told me thats all we need then lol woulda been nice if he told me that a week ago when I was trying to figure out how to make it work! ggrr oh well hes lucky hes cute! I also want to watch "Homebirth Dads" but I have to buy that one in order to watch it and its like 25 bucks or so but if yall tell me its worth it ill get it!
Hubby had a sleep study done Monday night and they called yesterday... aparently he has severe sleep apnea they said he stops breathing 29 times AN HOUR! WHAT??? thats insane! (and scary) so now definate cpap for him but he unfortunately cant go back in for the testing with the cpap until after Thanksgiving. Well I guess its still better than not getting it at all, which is how it would have been if I didnt nag him/ force him to do the study! lol I will just be very thankful once he receives the machine!
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