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Originally Posted by Liadan23
so, i have some concerns about my dd's latch. i'm not really sure what i'm looking for here, but maybe just some ideas for what i can do to try and correct it? both of my kids have had a preference for the left boob. i don't know why, but same one, both of them. getting them to figure out correct latching was always harder on the right side, i always had more nipple damage on that side when we were first starting out. it's also my largest producer. which means, since they don't prefer it, and don't latch as well, it's also the side i always get my reoccurring mastitis in in the early weeks. i got mastitis repeatedly up until about 6-8 weeks with both kids. then it stops, and never came back with ds, and so far hasn't come back again with dd (she's 5 months).

well, anyways, the nipple pain has gone away, things are better now. i still sometimes have a hard time getting her to latch correctly on that side, but usually i can de-latch her and try again, and after a few tries we have something that we can both live with. until this week. she's cutting her first tooth. and i can FEEL it. it scrapes up and down my nipple the whole time she's sucking. only on the right side, the left side, we're all good. but no matter how many times i take her off and put her back on, i can still feel it on the right. eventually, i just live with it, but there's going to start being some damage soon! i'm working full time now, so i pump regularly and removing milk. i don't think i'll get mastitis. but, OUCH! WHY!?! ds had gotten over his preference thing by this age, and had his latch all worked out. i never had any problems when he started teething. he was also several months older though, so maybe that makes a difference? i nursed him for 11 months, i'm not an expert, but not necessarily inexperienced.

anyways, any suggestions? LLL meets on weekday mornings around here. and i work full time. so that's unhelpful. also, i've contacted my local group a couple times early on in my nursing relationship with dd, and they pretty much never responded. or emailed saying they would respond when they got the chance, and then never got back to me. so they're fairly useless to me. i can't afford to hire a LC for this. my ped. is bf'ing friendly, but we were just in there on monday, and it only started to bother me yesterday. it'll be awhile before we go back and i need to figure something out. my family doesn't bf, of all the people i know, i've bf'd the longest. i'm the one OTHER people in my circle of friends/family come to for bf advice. so i really have no one irl to ask.

i know how to get a deep latch. everyone i've ever consulted in person (midwives, and LCs) just does the "shove the baby's face onto my nipple as hard/far as possible" thing. i get it. i know how it works (this was always the solution i was offered for my extreme nipple pain when starting to breastfeed my babies). somehow, i STILL feel it. i dunno, i've always felt like i'm missing something vital!
Look for "When Latching" from Dr Jack Newman. Also try the football hold on the side they don't like. DS sometimes would get bad latches at first & I just took him off until it was right.
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