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Originally Posted by MamaBarton

I'm not entirely sure lol! apparently the idea that birth can be a pleasurable experience (nothing to do with an actual orgasm lol )... and how much better they feel after it.

Hubby had a sleep study done Monday night and they called yesterday... aparently he has severe sleep apnea
This first part made me laugh. There is actually a birth method that involves trying to reach orgasm during birth. I was reading reviews on birthing books and one negative review was that the writer encouraged that instead of "giving practical advice". It was a long time ago (my last pregnancy) so I cant remember what book it was.

Sorry about your dh. Glad he is getting help!

I am so bored right now. Ds is watching umizoomi for his pre-bed tv time and I just cant find anything to hold my attention. It was a stressful day. I guess I should go to sleep with DS, but I wanted to sneak some ice cream after bed time...
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