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Re: VETERANS DAY! KAL 11/11-11/17 Knit to a goal!

OK, so I'm a putz - I didn't drop a stitch, somehow I twisted it or something and letting it go (off the needle) made everything OK again.

My tummy hurts - the tape holding the incision in my belly button came off today (haven't gotten it wet, I swear!) and the edges are coming apart - it's really tender and very red and sore-looking. I have an appointment with the surgeon's resident tomorrow morning at like 10:30, so I'm just going to wait til tomorrow to ask about it, but it sure stings tonight. The rest of the healing is not so bad at all. Just that one spot is painful. Seems like last time I had surgery the same thing happened (one of the incisions got opened and infected early on and the rest were fine after like 3 days). I think I just try to do way too much - for instance, today I cleaned DD's bedroom and put up her 3' Christmas tree with her - she just couldn't wait!

I'm ALLLLLLLMost done with hat 3 and half done with hat 4, then I have to decide if hat 5 is in line too. I am going to be so "hatted out" when I'm done with these Christmas presents. Well, if I'm gonna get ANY of the hats done, I better get off here and get knitting!
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