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Ok, well that isn't very encouraging...

I saw an ENT today because one of my tonsils is significantly larger than the other (he thought the larger of the two was almost golfball sized), BUT - other than the feeling of having something stuck in my throat/clearing my throat all the time I don't have any major snoring, no strep. The problem is that it is apparently unusual to have such drastically asymmetrical tonsils, so if they took them out they would biopsy them too. Considering I am so healthy otherwise, its pretty unlikely that its anything "scary", but he said if I don't chose surgery he will want to see me every three months to keep an eye on them.

I can easily see why some of you opted for tonsillectomy, I just can't decide if in my case the benefits would outweigh the torturous recovery? And man, it sounds absolutely miserable...
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