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Re: Anyone had their tonsils removed?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
Looks like those of use with embedded or pitted were the ones who needed the surgery!?? I wonder if that the majority of adults needing it? Idk. But let's say, I lost 15 pounds, couldn't OPEN my mouth for a week and in order to eat had to suck on cheese. LOL! And my breath wasps horrible no one would stay in my room with me. Hahaha!! I couldn't do 'soft' food. Even that required swallowing. And after surgery even water felt like glass going down. But it's like my water birth. It was so painful- indescribable.. But worth it. And at least you get meds for tonsils, lol
Yep, that described me to a T. I basically just doped myself up on painkiller and slept for a week, b/c I couldn't do anything else. I could only suck on ice, but not just dribbled down my throat. I ended up back in the hospital due to dehydration b/c I was vomiting, and like you I lost around 15lbs. Sometimes I want to punch my mother b/c she refused to get it done when I was younger (my tonsils had been that way as long as I can remember), and I think that made the recovery so much worse. My son had his tonsils removed at 3, and he bounced back like nothing happened.
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