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i also get up in the middle of the night to hard boil eggs like some sort of oviraptor. i go between the two extremes of getting major hunger pains and needing to eat and waves of nausea/vomiting where i cant be more than 2 ft away from a toilet, garbage, anything to puke into. the worst is when im so hungry and craving something and then i get it, smell it, and get instantly sick.

this is the first pregnancy where i didnt lose 10 lbs in the first trimester (i think ive gained 5). ive gained 45 lbs with each of my past pregnancies, but i drop around 25lbs the day the baby comes out (no lie! i have no idea how this happens being that my kiddos were only 8lbs5oz and 8lbs11oz...and how much could amniotic fluid weigh?!) and while nursing i lose really fast, too.
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