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Re: Nursing when baby has a cold

DD has a cold/yuckiness right now. She can do a sippy but she wants the comfort of her momma. I am putting the humidifier next to us when I nurse her. (i'm adding salt to it so it puts out lots of steam) I syringe her nose (with a hospital bulb syringe not the ones I bought at a store. I purchased some pink ones that suck... er rather don't suck. Thankfully her pediatrician's office sells the hospital ones) Although the latching & delatching is not fun, She really wants to nurse. I sit her up as much as I can. It's hard to watch them struggle and not feel good. I'm also offering her warm liquids in her sippy (not hot but warmer than room temp mint tea... it helps settle a yucky stomach as it might get upset from swallowing mucus)
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