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Re: Mommy Mistake - How To Fix? Took Away 5yo's Birthday Party

Originally Posted by Dmpmercury View Post
I wouldn't give her all that attention at the expense of everyone else at 5. I don't think she is starved for attention but she is taking advantage of being able to get all the attention. No one needs constant attention and she needs to learn she isn't the center of the world. She may be an extrovert and really like having attention but she also needs to learn balance. It isn't good for kids to get their way all the time. They will only learn to be self serving. We all need to learn we can't have undivided attention all the time. I would maybe set aside time where it is just you but do not let her get away with getting all the attention. Consistently respond to her tantrums. They won't go away but they will lessen. My dd has a hard time regulating emotions. I think it is sensory related. They will not go away completely but since she knows they don't have power they definitely have lessened. I don't know the perfect discipline method and I am definitely not perfect. Does your husband give her his undivided attention? How does she respond to that?
I agree. You can't let her suck all your's not fair to you, your DH, your other children, or yourself. If you think that she has emotional issues, step 1 would be to get those figured out and a treatment plan. It would also make it easier for you, because then you don't have it in the back of your mind "well, is she just being manipulitive, or is this some medical issue." Then you need to find a way to consistantly respond to her tantrums to make them counterproductive for her. If they are counterproductive she will throw WAY less of them. I know it's easier said than done and that it won't be an easy road for you to travel, but I think it's important for your family's wellbeing.
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