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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I have had a lot more "what was that" feelings over the past couple of days. Decided today that it IS baby so that's nice! 18.5 weeks. A whole week earlier than with Joey. I have also felt my uterus tightening. I am wondering if its braxton hicks already...

Elena, so glad your appt went ok. I know sometimes that first step can be so hard! Hopefully your DH's schedule will work out perfectly with the us so that wont be an issue. All that movement with trying to get the heartbeat sounds great! Joey always hated the doppler and moved away from it, too.
I love that you say you "decided that it IS baby"! for movement! I've been getting BH contractions (here and there, not too many and not every day) since 15 weeks - it definitely is possible.

Thank you. I think tomorrow will be okay, just me and Levi. I will feel better to get a better/quicker hb, but I'm not even sure why. It's not that it wasn't there and then suddenly was, today... Hiccup is just good (and quick) at hiding!
Labwork is , but nothing I'm not used to. I don't think that will trigger anxiety

Just the u/s I'm still very nervous about. It's not so much a fitting into DH's schedule - he's a teacher, and right now is transitioning back to full time after being off on disability since Elli's stillbirth. He works every afternoon now, will until February (and then we'll see what happens in the spring).
So we know his schedule - but it'll be a half hour+ drive to the hospital, then the actual u/s (which even if everything is a-ok, still takes 30-45 minutes), then a half hour home... likely he'll just take the whole day. Not too big a deal - he has personal and sick days he can use when needed.

Originally Posted by MamaBarton View Post
Hubby had a sleep study done Monday night and they called yesterday... aparently he has severe sleep apnea they said he stops breathing 29 times AN HOUR! WHAT??? thats insane! (and scary) so now definate cpap for him but he unfortunately cant go back in for the testing with the cpap until after Thanksgiving. Well I guess its still better than not getting it at all, which is how it would have been if I didnt nag him/ force him to do the study! lol I will just be very thankful once he receives the machine!
Yikes! That is scary! Hopefully the cpap will fix the troubles - I mean, I know it's a treatment, not a cure, but you kwim!
I'm sure my own DH has troubles with this (mainly because I've heard it happen myself when awake through the night - scary, and I shake him to get him to breathe) but the Drs don't seem interested in doing anything to figure it out and DH doesn't exactly go to the Dr often

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I am so bored right now. Ds is watching umizoomi for his pre-bed tv time and I just cant find anything to hold my attention. It was a stressful day. I guess I should go to sleep with DS, but I wanted to sneak some ice cream after bed time...
Ice cream sounds like a good plan!

Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
So I am getting my hair done tomorrow. WOO-HOOO! I use to be a every 4-6 week girl. Now I am whenever I can squize it in not in the 1st trimester girl. Just getting it cut and colored. Just to get rid of my pre-mature greys that I started getting at 20.

Dh said he wants to take me shopping this weekend for my birthday that is Dec 12th SO I of course agreed. I want new sneakers and a couple of shirts. Nothing big. I need new sneakers bc apparently my feet go into super duper sweat phase when I am pregnant and well to be honest my feet stink! It is crazy that they sweat like that and I only notice it when preggers.
Have fun with your hair! I only get mine cut maybe twice a year, if that. Although, I really like the cut/style I have now, and likely won't let it grow out too long before getting it done again.
and I gots greys too. Boo. But, hey, what are ya gonna do.

Have fun shopping too! about the sneakers/feet though!!!
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