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Simplex vs. Basix

This came up in another thread so here we go.

Simplex is on the left (owls print) and Basix on the right (messy hands print). Both of these are size small which they don't make anymore but I'm not aware of any differences there might be between smalls and mediums or larges. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that point.

You might have noticed from the first picture that the Basix is actually cut with a slightly smaller rise as seen here. You can see the Simplex (owls) peaking out from behind the Basix. It only looks to be about a half inch difference though.

Both diapers are side snapping with three rows of snaps to adjust as baby grows. Both diapers also have a pocket opening at both ends to allow the soaker to agitate out in the wash. No need to unstuff anything!

The major difference is the interior. The Simplex interior is 100% cotton birdseye. The Basix has a layer of stay-dry microfleece with a microfiber terry soaker.

The Basix (on top) has encased elastic while the Simplex does not.

The waterproof outer of the Simplex is actually exposed to baby's skin at the top of the diaper in both the front and the back. This doesn't seem to bother DD at all. The Basix has a microfleece liner throughout the entire inside of the diaper.

The soaker on the Simplex is quite a bit longer which requires some tucking when putting it on baby. The Basix soaker is about 2 inches shy of reaching all the way to the back of the diaper.

The fit and the stretchiness (is that a word) of these diapers is the same and I can honestly say that I love them both!
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