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Re: The economics of hybrid diapers is broken

Originally Posted by ALNaturMom View Post
If you want to look at our economics, look at the ruined $60 boutique outfits that were gifts from his grandmother from when he wore disposables that couldn't keep the poop inside the diaper. Cloth diapers are cheaper than a ruined wardrobe of fabrics that weren't made for poop.
Here, Here. Seems like every time I've put my son in disposables "for convenience" I've ended up cleaning poo off of everything, carseat included. Not. Very. Convenient. And I've cursed the manufacturers the entire time. Why would you make and market a product that is supposed to contain pee and feces, that doesn't. Or am I the only person who seems to have diaper failure 1 out of every 3 times I do use a sposie?
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