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why has his pooping habits changed?

DS2 was mostly bottlefed from day 2 as he was in the NICU and just recently began EBF. I was EPing before this so he's only gotten BM except for 2-3 bottles while in the NICU before I could pump enough milk for him. He only got fresh BM, never in the fridge longer than 2 days. Major oversupply so I was able to get a bottles worth from each breast per session if that makes a difference re: foremilk & hindmilk.

The first couple of weeks he would have poop at every diaper change, not a ton but enough. Yellow and seedy. Extremely watery but that was a side effect to why he was in the nursery. After settling in at home he started pooping every 2-3 days, huge poops, dark yellow, runny and seedy. Justlike mustard actually and they SMELLED HORRIBLE! Made me gag

We're on day 3 of EBF and he now poops after every feeding, a good amount, a bit darker and sometimes thicker, sometimes runny. Its either runny and seedy or thick and darker. Still has the same smell but nearly as putrid. what gives? Was my expressed milk somehow getting contaminated or why such a big change in him?

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