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Re: Favorite covers

Imse Vimse. They have been my go to for 13 years now for trifolding when my kids were under 1. I love them for trifolding & they even have a wool wrap option that you can use to trifold with.

Flips are another great option. If you can find them, my other favorite are Weehuggers. They have more secure flaps to hold the prefold in place and super cute prints. I found when my son became a wiggly toddler, the Flips didn't have a way to secure the prefold & the cover went 1 way while the prefold went another. Weehuggers may require some hunting down but they are totally worth it. They were sold in a 2 size system.

I did really like the Econobum covers but ds outgrew them at 12 months (he also outgrew the Thirsties Duo size 2 covers at 12 months, plus the velcro irritated his skin).
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