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How do you figure clothes, furniture, or other irregular items into your budget?

Dh and I have a good budget going for us but we consistantly fail on things like clothes, appliances, furniture, etc. Things that are not regular "need" items but things that we do eventually need to spend money on. When we started budgeting we would do $xx per week or month but then we'd end up using the money for something that came up unexpectedly because we needed to pay for new glasses or something else. Then we took out the clothes catagory altogether with the rationale that "we don't need clothes that often". Well, obviously we do need clothes, especially with one, soon to be two, daughters. I wear scrubs to work but only work part time so I don't need many scrubs, Dh has work uniforms, the money for which comes out of his paycheck directly.

Then appliances and furniture. We've almost always had craigslist or hand me down furniture and we're happy with that, but it still does cost a little bit of money. Our stove, the oven actually, is starting to act up often enough that I know we'll have to replace it sooner or later. What tips do you mamas have for budgeting for things like this? I do really well on regular, predictable things, but not so good on the irregular things.

I would love any and all advice!
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